For anyone who thought Carrie Underwood's new-mom status would mean an album full of midtempo, sentimental ballads (as People reports), her second promo single puts those concerns to bed. It's called "Renegade Runaway," and you can listen to the Wild West-style banger above via Underwood's Vevo.

Underwood gave us our first taste of "Renegade Runaway" at the beginning of her official music video for "Smoke Break," which finds her turning off the song on her pickup's radio just before the official single cuts in. And like "Smoke Break," Underwood co-wrote "Renegade Runaway" with Chris DeStefano and Hillary Lindsey, while Jay Joyce orchestrated the production of it all.

Lyrically, "Renegade Runaway" can be read as Underwood's defense of herself in light of those concerns about motherhood, in which she finds a way to celebrate the apparent contradiction of being both a doting mother and a rebellious country star. Underwood makes this contradiction extremely clear with the song's opening image of a woman: "an angel, so picturesque" who "[l]ooks like she walked right out of the wild, wild west." Yet this woman isn't as innocent as she seems; rather, she looks like "a devil in a satin dress."

The chorus is an explosion of energy as Underwood warns an unnamed man that despite this woman's pretty face, she'll play him "like a heartbreak bandit" and ride off into the sunset before he even knows what hits him.  She is, after all, a "renegade runaway."

But Underwood's declaration of, "Let me tell you, boy, you're never gonna catch her" works outside the song's Western romance plot as an endorsement of her upcoming album Storyteller, scheduled for release on October 23. When the album officially drops, it sounds like fans and critics who doubted Underwood's post-motherhood comeback won't know what hit them either, and in the best way possible!

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