Casey Abrams, the scruffy and bearded fan fave who earned the sole judge's save during Season 10 of 'American Idol' thanks to his neo-jazzy ways, talks about his brand new single 'Get Out' in this exclusive vignette that we are premiering today. One word peppered Abrams' discussion of the song over and over again: "easy."

The light, airy, summery pop song is a marked contrast to the scratchy-voiced yet endearing songs he performed during his season of 'Idol.' Abrams best explains the song, written with Rune Westberg and Jason Reeves, as "so nice and easy."

"It's a catchy song," he says. " I remember walking into the room with the songwriters, just chilling, making music, [thinking], 'Let's make an easy love song, let's throw some mandolin down and let's do an easy melody.' It's very easy."

Casey clearly loves the end result and so do we!

Another "easy" element of 'Get Out?' It's coverability. "Maybe it's easy to cover," Abrams mused, throwing up two crossed fingers. He's looking for YouTube covers, people. Any aspiring rockers out there want to attempt their version of Abrams' 'Get Out?' Go for it and appease the man!

Abrams also talks about how Westberg wanted to rhyme "starlight" with "bugbite" -- which followed with some hilarious stills of the songwriter. Still, he admits that the lyric stands out, and that he's glad he succumbed to Westberg's suggestion.

The 'Get Out' singer will drop his self-titled debut on June 26, but you can get to known him and his process a little bit better with this exclusive vignette.

Watch Casey Abrams in the 'Get Out' Vignette