Beloved radio personality Casey Kasem has finally been laid to rest six months after his death. Casey’s wife, Jean Kasem, buried her late husband in Norway last week, but failed to notify Casey’s children about the burial.

Kerrie Kasem’s rep told ABC News, in a statement: “Jean buried him without telling the kids. She does not have to tell them since she is the conservator over his remains. Clearly the family is not happy, but they are also at peace knowing that they got to spend his final moments with him.”

The past six months have seen a huge disagreement between Casey’s children and widow as both parties could not agree on where he should be buried. Jean submitted a letter to the government of Norway back in August in an attempt to have Casey buried in the capital of Oslo, but Casey’s children reportedly wanted him to be buried in California. They said (Quote via E! News): “As beautiful as your country is, our father has never spoken of any desire to be buried in Norway either to us or to his friends. In fact, it was the opposite. Casey wanted to be buried in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, his home of over 53 years.”

Casey sadly passed away earlier this year (June 15) after suffering from advanced Parksinon’s disease and dementia. He was 82 years old.

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