Country met southern rock on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice,’ as Casey Muessigmann sang a powerful rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ Both Cee Lo and Blake Shelton turned around in their seats, intrigued by his delivery – but who did the singer choose?

“Casey is a bad-a-- singer – I mean he’s awesome,” Shelton remarked. He admired not only Muessigmann’s singing abilities, but his dancing skills as well, pointing out that he particularly enjoyed the “a-- spanking” move that he did several times throughout his audition.

The Northwest Iowa native looked truly torn when making his decision, but ultimately followed his heart and his roots and landed on Shelton. “I went into this competition wanting one thing, and that was to make great country music with Blake Shelton,” explained Muessigmann.

After being faced with his share of hardships in the past, he declared his appearance on ‘The Voice’ as a “life-altering experience.” He previously suffered a heavyweight wrestling injury -- a torn meniscus --that led to excessive weight gain and kept him off of his feet for quite some time. “My life was in shambles,” he said.

But he's tired of struggling and is ready for his moment to shine. With family and friends behind him showing endless amounts of love and support, he hopes to make a name for himself by way of 'The Voice.' “I’ve never felt stronger in my whole life," said Muessigmann.