After enduring some pointed critique from coach Adam Levine, young Casey Weston bravely tread on ground covered by two legends, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston with an impressively restrained performance of 'I Will Always Love You' tonight on 'The Voice.'

Levine quickly got on Weston's case in rehearsals, wanting to make sure she stayed away from Parton and Houston's renditions in favor of finding her own version, and frequently stopping her performances by labeling them too close to Whitney's chart-topping rendition of the track. Despite her youth, and his multi-platinum, grammy-winning experience, Weston seemed about ready to shove her microphone someplace nasty.

Then, after more Levine "do something in the middle of the two versions" talk, we cut to the live performance. Weston started out center-stage, dramatically lit in a white dress (with brown cowboy boots, which amused our editor to no end.)  To our mild surprise, she actually did find middle ground, and most importantly on this frequently over-emoting program, displayed restraint with her strong, tasteful performance.

The judges were unanimous in her praise, with Blake noting that Levine's strict teaching style seems to be paying off: "I never expect you to blow me away, but you always do!" Levine himself was happier than anybody, declaring, "This performance proves that our arguments pay off, because you were amazing, and thank you!"

Now it's up to America to vote, and decide whether Weston moves on or not!

Watch Casey Weston Perform 'I Will Always Love You' on 'The Voice'