Adam Levine pitted Tim Mahoney, whom he mistook for a female on last week's episode, with country hopeful Casey Weston, who wasn't chosen during her first song but earned a second chance after her rendition of Keith Urban's 'Stupid Boy,' against one another in the battle round of tonight's episode of 'The Voice' to determine who moves onto the live shows. The duo sang 'Leather and Lace,' a heartfelt ballad.

After rehearsing with Levine, Mahoney said that he is the "King of Almost," since he has gotten "thisclose" so many times in his career, while Weston admitted that she wanted to prove that Levine made the right choice by turning his chair around for her -- and that she truly deserved the second chance he gave her.

The ballad was popularized by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley in 1981, and Weston employed a very Nicks-ian vibrato for her parts. Since Mahoney has a female tone to his voice, they actually meshed well and didn't sing over one another; the duet was quite complementary and not clashing.

Cee Lo Green pointed out that Mahoney is unique and that he was a bit turned off by Weston for sounding too much like Nicks.

Clearly, Levine also had a hard decision and was enamored by both his charges and their performances. He ultimately chose Weston because "there is something about Casey Weston," and sadly, "The King of Almost" was sent home.

Watch Casey Weston and Tim Mahoney Sing 'Leather and Lace' on 'The Voice'