Cash Money Records founders Bryan and Ronald Williams were in an Atlanta courtroom last week in a civil suit stemming from a sexual assault case. The rap executives, also known as Birdman and Slim, respectively, were being held accountable for an attack on a woman by an alleged employee of Cash Money, reports My Fox Atlanta.

Plaintiff Nicole Westmoreland was in tears as she recalled the incident at a "rented" music studio where she was invited to give a presentation to Cash Money. According to Westmoreland, Alfred Cleveland, an associate of the label, followed her into the bathroom and raped her. "He bit me on my cheek. I was like … I tried to pull his hands down and he turned me around," she said. "He turned me around and pulled my jeans down."

Westmoreland claims that she refused a $100,000 offer to not go to the police. She also alleges that the record company threatened her life if she continued with the case. "If I didn’t drop it [they said] that they were going to kill me," she testified. After the assault, Westmoreland said she had to seek treatment at a mental hospital after having suicidal thoughts.

The Williams brothers contend that Cleveland, who is currently serving jail time for the violent attack, was not an employee but a friend. Westmoreland is holding the record company liable in the sexual assault and is seeking unspecified damages.

Attorneys for Birdman and Slim had no comment on the matter.

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