'Starships' were not only meant to fly! The super popular Nicki Minaj song was meant to be covered, especially by YouTuber Mike Tompkins and the cast of the upcoming film 'Pitch Perfect.' But it's not just the cast offering their take on the song. Remember the contest where fans were encouraged to turn in their videos of their take on the song? Well, the end result is here for you to watch in all of its glory.

Cast members, like the lovely and talented Anna Kendrick, are featured alongside those who entered the contest, performing the song with smiles on their faces. The mix of famous movie stars and real people works, giving the clip both a "street" and a "real" feel.

So if you love 'Starpships,' then check out this awesome video of this crew offering up their thoroughly entertaining, multi-voice cover of Minaj's mega hit. We bet if the rapper saw this clip, she would immediately anoint the cast and contestants as "Barbz" and tell 'em how much she loves it!

This is certainly a new way to perform a hit song and it reminds us of how they do it on 'Glee.' It's edited in seamless fashion, so much so that all the performers feel like members of one giant glee club. We bet you'll watch it over and over and wish you had submitted a clip and participated.