Here's something we bet you didn't know! 'Catching Fire' star says his co-star Jennifer Lawrence was his first.

His first onscreen kiss, that is!

When asked about his onscreen smooching with his Oscar-winning co-star J-Law, Hutcherson admitted, "I haven't had any bad ones." Then he turned to Lawrence and confessed to CNN, "You're my first real big kiss in a movie."

That bit of information took Lawrence by surprise! "Really?" Lawrence replied. "Oh my God, was I gentle?"

Hutcherson was very blunt in responding to the oft-outspoken Lawrence. "No," he said simply. "It was a little abrasive, if I'm being honest. A little shocking!"

Lawrence, for her part, agreed. "It was very slobbery."

When asked how she preps herself for onscreen kisses, Lawrence replied, "You just kiss. I've had a couple bad ones."

But thankfully, none of them were between Katniss and Peeta!