Consummate comedian Lucille Ball once said "Life takes guts," so let's hope Cate Blanchett, who'll play her in an upcoming role, has got the stomach for it.

Blanchett will front an upcoming biopic that logs Ball's marriage to Desi Arnaz, with whom she famously starred on I Love Lucy, The Wrap reported yesterday (September 2). The couple shared 20 years of marriage before divorcing in 1960.

I Love Lucy, which premiered in 1951, followed the eccentric Lucy as she sought out the spotlight—for all her efforts, though, she was usually met with more disaster than success. Her husband Ricky, on the other hand, was a promising bandleader, but found himself constantly at his wits' end with Lucy, whose oddball behavior didn't seem to come with an off switch.

Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin will write the story, the site reports, while Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr., Ball's children, will serve as producers.

Blanchett won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Blue Jasmine as a delusional Manhattan socialite who falls on hard times and has to move into her sister's San Francisco apartment. She'll also star opposite Rooney Mara in the upcoming Carol.

Think Blanchett is right for the role? Watch a classic I Love Lucy clip above and tell us how you think she'll stack up.

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