Celeb Look-Alikes

Lil Wayne + A Gremlin – Celeb Look-Alikes
We have found Lil Wayne's doppelganger and if you're a fan of the rapper, then you may not be happy with us. Weezy looks shockingly similar to a Gremlin wearing a pair of 3D glasses, but don't accuse us of calling Weezy uggo.
Joe Jonas + Rowan Atkinson – Celeb Look-Alikes
Here's a little known fact. Did you know that Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers moonlights as a Mr. Bean? Ha! We kid, we kid, but the middle JoBro has a striking resemblance to Rowan Atkinson, who famously plays the no-speaking accident prone character, Mr...
Justin Bieber + A Dog With Eyebrows – Celeb Look-Alike
Okay, Beliebers, before you get all up in arms, we don't think Justin Bieber looks like a dog... all the time. There's something about this puppy and his eyebrows that brings Justin's pouting selfie to mind. And we must say, this is the cutest canine in all the land if he's drawi…
Taylor Swift + A Satanist – Celeb Look-Alikes
First things first, we are in no way, shape or form saying Taylor Swift is a satanist. We love us some Swift. We're just saying she looks like a woman named Zeena LaVey, who worshipped Satan and also happened to be a guest on 'The Sally Jessy Raphael Show.'
Beyonce + Kerli – Celeb Look-Alikes
Who knew Beyonce and Kerli would ever be celeb look-alikes? We certainly never thought to ourselves this pairing would happen. Then one day Kerli posted the above picture to her Facebook with the caption, "I gotta say it's pretty damn cool to see Queen B Beyoncé rock something I…
Jesy Nelson of Little Mix + Snooki – Celeb Look-Alikes
On paper, Jesy Nelson of Little Mix and Snooki don't have much in common. One is a 21-year-old from the U.K. and the other is a 25-year-old new mother who acts as a poster child for the state of New Jersey. It wasn't until Snooki dyed her hair red did we say, "Whoa...

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