See Chris Brown’s Best GIFs
Strip away all the drama, legal nonsense and issues that have surrounded him as of late and realize that Chris Brown can always be counted on to offer amazing dance moves, to flash a crazy smile or to undress you with his eyes!
See Pharrell Williams’ Best GIFs
Pharrell Williams: singer, producer and new coach of 'The Voice'. His fingerprints are all over the modern pop scene, and they have been for quite some time. Chances are Pharrell had something do with tons of songs you love.
See Adam Levine’s 35 Best ‘The Voice’ GIFs
Adam Levine -- the Maroon 5 singer, designer and 'The Voice' coach -- looks terrific for his age, with his ruggedly boyish good looks and his immeasurable charm. We've collected some -- actually, 35 -- of his most animated, expressive and fun GIFs as a coach on 'The Voice.&a…

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