Grammy Award-winning producer Cedric Gervais brought his A-game when it came to producing Ali Tamposi's 'Love Again,' and the two delivered again on the music video for the track. And lucky for you, we have the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the vid!

"I wrote this song in one of those dark moments in a relationship with somebody I felt needed just a jolt of something to bring us back to being together," Ali reveals in the BTS clip. As she channeled that pain into her music, it caught the attention of Cedric.

"When I produce a song, the first thing that I look for is obviously the lyrics and meaning of the song, but what I was taken by was Ali's voice in the song," he explains. "I felt the song the first time I heard it... the lyrics, her voice, everything was just on point."

And as for the unique concept behind the black-and-white video -- filled with paint splatters and childhood counterparts of both Cedric and Ali -- Ali explains that it was an idea that, quite literally, came to her in a dream.

"The concept was driven by, as strange as it sounds, a dream that I had about a year ago of just seeing myself as a little child at a beauty pageant," Ali reveals. "And so I … really brought it to life by just bringing the pain and throwing the objects and just really building upon the original concept." Interesting!

Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Cedric Gervais and Ali Tamposi's 'Love Again' music video above, and watch the official music video for the song below!