Cee Lo Green's companion on this season of 'The Voice,' Purrfect the Cat, has her own Twitter account, with more than 47,000 followers and superstar friends. Purrfect's Twitter feed lists her place of residence as "Cee Lo Green's lap," and through her 400+ tweets so far, we've learned that she grooms furiously before each show, she hates laser pointers, and she's a fan of napping and Betty White.

Purrfect shares the feline perspective, offering words of wisdom and witty observations:

"I'm just surprised what's become of the cat being a part of the show, basically an unofficial co-host and coach helping me," Cee Lo told behind the scenes host Christina Milian. "It's gonna be my secret weapon, why I win this season. Purrfect has everything to do with that."

Purrfect even has her own Facebook wall and page on the NBC website. Though NBC's page refers to Purrfect as a male, Cee Lo told Milian she's a lady. On Purrfect's NBC page, users can download pictures of the cat, pose next to the cut-out image and send in their photos.

An insider told E! News about the kitty's history. "Purrfect is a rented cat that happens to be a rescue," the source said. "It was Cee Lo's idea to have a cat this season; however, due to his travel schedule, he is not able to care for an animal full-time. Cee Lo liked the idea of working with a rescue as he loves animals."