Indianapolis was no doubt overrun with dudes looking to party hard this week, but perhaps none were more serious about it than 'Forget You' singer and Super Bowl halftime guest Cee Lo Green. In town for the big game, Cee Lo decided to hit up a strip club and check out some of the local talent on Wednesday (February 1) night. According to Boombox, he and his posse left the club $10000 lighter. Damn, Cee!

Cee Lo rolled into the joint with his bros from the reunited Goodie Mob in the wee hours of the morining, and reportedly asked for lap dances from "the baddest bitches in the club." After spending the price of a new Subaru on dances (if you can even call it dancing), and probably a few bottles of chamagne, the singer and 'Voice' judge had his fill and left, no doubt to get some beauty rest in anticipation of his halftime show guest appearance.

Call it research, call it cutting loose, call it Cee Lo being Cee Lo; we're just surprised somebody managed to party harder in Indy than Super Bowl halftime guests LMFAO. Are they just gonna let Cee Lo out-party them like that? One thing's for sure: that Indianapolis strip club won't have another night like that, maybe ever.