Cee Lo had an emotional decision to make on tonight's (April 10) episode of 'The Voice.' In the end, he followed his heart.

"I hope that in your heart of hearts I have done right by you," Cee Lo Green said to his team. "I appreciate you entrusting in me ... if one of us wins, all of us wins." Awww, Cee Lo! So presh!

America's first save for Cee Lo's team was Juliet Simms, whose performance of 'Roxanne' blew all of the judges away, so it was no surprise -- though anything can happen! Jamar Rogers, whose rendition of Lenny Kravitz's 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' knocked everyone's socks off was next (again, not a shocker). Boston boy James Massone was the final safe Cee Lo protege, winning the hearts and panties of ladies everywhere with his cover of Norah Jones' 'Don't Know Why.'

Erin Martin, whose performance of 'Walk Like an Egyptian' was only slightly short of disastrous, Cheesa and Tony Vincent were in the bottom three.

Vincent started out the performances on a lackluster note. Singing the Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams,' he focused more on theatrics than sound.

Cheesa followed Vincent, delivering an extremely emotional rendition of 'All By Myself.' It was likely her best performance on the show to date -- not only did she sound great, but she also felt every word that she sang. Cee Lo nodded, wide eyed, at the conclusion of her song.

Martin, donning a normal outfit, sang 'Your Song' by Elton John, sounding like a mix of Macy Gray and Shakira ... but not necessarily in the best way. Martin's unique voice doesn't mesh well with a lot of material, and this may not have been the best song choice for her.

"I'm a little pissed off right now," fellow coach Adam Levine said. "Why did it take this long for you guys to sing like it was your last chance?" Levine said if he had to pick somebody, he'd pick Cheesa.

"I was reminded why I love Erin's voice from the blind auditions," Blake Shelton said, "though the song lost her a little bit at the end. Tony actually won me over for the first time tonight. But your problems? Cheesa knocked it out of the park."

"What I enjoy about this portion of the show is that they get to represent themselves, they choose their own songs, and I like to see what they choose. I like to feel their connection to the song," Christina Aguilera said. She appreciated Vincent's originality, but said Cheesa "knocked her note out of the park."

Cee Lo's was the decision that mattered. "My mind says Tony," Cee Lo said, "but my heart says Cheesa." The Hawaiian native who won Cee Lo's heart also won her safety.

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