While the web is abuzz with talk of Cee Lo Green uncomfortably hitting on Kelly Rowland during an upcoming episode of his 'Talking to Strangers' show, this week's episode featured on-the-rise rock goddess Grace Potter of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals as the guest. Is it just us or does Potter look a little bit like an earthier Heidi Klum?

Cee Lo probed the lovely and talented Potter, who was draped in a shimmery, diva-ready blue dress, about growing up in the middle-of-nowhere of Vermont. Potter said she loves to represent her home state, even if her sexy, slinky frock didn't look Vermont-ish in shape or scope.

Potter also made a major revelation: She was born without good sight and is legally blind. She even said that Cee Lo looked "fuzzy" to her. Potter turned that sensory lemon into lemonade, admitting that she thinks the lack of sight taught her to tune her other senses more acutely, saying, "My musical ear and hearing things and getting attached to them and hearing what's beyond ... There is a direct result of not being able to see so well."

Potter also said that she is not influenced by female vocalists, instead saying that Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant was a key, crucial inspiration to her, as well as the Who's 1971 record, 'Who's Next.'

Potter's band showed up for the performance segment, ripping through 'Paris (Oh La La)' in what was the most rawk performance of the series so far. She recalled how the band started out with whiskey in hand and smashing their guitars, but that they've since evolved to incorporate more blues and soul into the mix. Potter also revealed that the band's initial fan base consisted of music students and more techy types.

Potter and the Nocturnals closed with their rowdy, rip-the-roof-off cover of Beyonce's 'Why Don't You Love Me.'

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