Cee Lo Green gets lost in a winter wonderland on his way home for Christmas and ends up celebrating the holiday with the Muppets in his new 'All I Need Is Love' video.

The clip shows Cee Lo rolling up to a house in a convertible Rolls Royce in the middle of a brutal snowstorm. Kermit the Frog greets the singer and invites him inside to celebrate Christmas with the gang. Merriment ensues as Kermit and Miss Piggy smooch under the mistletoe while Green performs his catchy song, which samples the Muppets classic 'Mahna Mahna.'

Santa makes an appearance, but the coolest surprise guest in the video is a Muppet-ized version of Cee Lo, who reveals himself by spinning around in a chair, just like Green does on 'The Voice.' We can only hope our holiday celebration is as rocking as this one!