In a not-so-shocking but still entertaining development, Cee Lo Green donned a wig and a costume to lead his team of young singers through a rendition of Sly Stone's classic 'Everyday People.' He then sent most of them out with eccentric outfits, dancers or gimmicks for their own individual performances.

See, it was his team's week to compete for their lives on the singing show; Next week only two of them will move on, one at America's choice and one at Green's. First up were sister act Tori and Taylor Thompson, who got decked out as USO girls for a way-back machine rendition of the World War II-era tribute 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.'

Fellow coach Blake Shelton properly dissected Green's likely motives in dressing the young girls up this way when he commented, "You're sick! And I love every minute of it." Next up was Vicci Martinez, who delivered a strong, stage-stalking performance of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' that had everybody singing her praises, including us.

Batting third was the pride of Texas, Nakia, who delivered what this Kings of Leon fan thought was an overblown version of 'Sex on Fire,' but Green and my co-worker instead labeled a rousing rendition of the recent mega-hit.

Finally, in his typically perverse way, Green saddled country boy Curtis Grimes with the unlikely, winking pop-rock of Robert Palmer's 'Addicted to Love.' The singer gamely worked to make the risk pay off, even ditching his beloved guitar in favor of some dance-floor grinding with one of his back-up dancers.

And now, the four hard-working contestants have to cool their heels for a week, before they find out which of them America votes to send on to the next round, and which of the remaining  contestants Green gives his "save."

Watch Cee Lo Green and His Team Perform 'Everyday People' on 'The Voice'