Hey ladies! Check out the new and improved Cee Lo Green inside the pages of this week's JET magazine. The 'Voice' judge is showing off his bulging pecs and toned abs for the publication's "Beauty of the Week" spread.

However, we must tell you that it's a fake photo. Thanks to photographer Derek Blanks and the magic of photoshop, Machine Green was transformed into a beefcake model. The eccentric crooner is also the magazine’s cover star and in the issue he revealed that he always dreamed of posing for "Beauty of the Week" and JET obliged him.

While the cover photo features Green giving the OK sign to his readers, some critics are questioning the mag's cover lines. On the cover, Green is featured with the egregious headline "Crossover or Sellout? Either Way, He’s Paid."

Bossip seems to think the magazine is throwing shade at Green for being a pop sensation. While the headline is a little over the top, we don't think JET was hating on the singer but was trying to catch readers' attention with a titillating cover line.

Undoubtedly, Green has experienced major crossover success with his album 'The Lady Killer,' but it was all organic and not manufactured. He still remains an important artist in the world of hip-hop and pop.

So, just like the cover (and the BOTW photo), Cee Lo Green is A-OK in our book.