Singer Cee Lo Green released the visuals to the Motown-inspired heartbreak song 'Cry Baby' -- and it's hardly a tearjerker. In fact, it's the most fun-filled video from the Grammy Award-winning artist since, well, his ambiguous hit 'F--k You.'

Oddly enough, Cee Lo is nowhere to be found in the clip, instead actor Jaleel White, who played the nerd Steve Urkel on 'Family Matters,' portrays the eccentric crooner. In the beginning of the video, he tells his boo that they have to break up and go their separate ways. "I'm two trains passing, that's what we are. I'm going left and you're going right," he tells his sobbing girlfriend. We are then treated to some fantastic choreography as White and several passer-bys dance up a storm in the '60's-themed back lot.

We couldn't help but wish for Urkel's love interest Laura Winslow or police officer Carl Winslow to make a cameo in the clip, but alas, that didn't happen. Nevertheless, White did a great job lip-synching Cee Lo's throwback soul tune. The video also reminded us of Christopher Walken's thrilling dance moves in Fatboy Slim's video for 'Weapon of Choice.' Walken is not as nimble as White, but both are wonderful examples of when choreography really works in music videos.

It's also great to see that Cee Lo Green's glittering pop album 'The Lady Killer' is still pushing along. Nearly a year after its release, there are still plenty of songs worthy of video treatments. Keep them coming, Cee Lo.

Watch the Cee-Lo 'Cry Baby' Video