In Cee Lo Green's new video for the butter-smooth jam 'I Want You (Hold on to Love),' the singer (and coach on 'The Voice') is rocking serious bling on his wrists, neck and fingers -- quite outlandish fashion choices Lady Gaga would be proud of.

He also changes costumes twice, wearing a turquoise and sea-foam feather concoction that can loosely be deemed a "suit." Later on in the clip, he dons a magenta and orange ensemble. Cee Lo is nothing, if not eye-catching and fabulous.

He lives the luxe, hedonistic life in Las Vegas in the video. He appears to be a character named "Loberace," in a take off of the flamboyant musician. In one scene, Cee Lo is being bathed by two hot, raven-haired women who labor dutifully, even cleaning his timepiece with a toothbrush! What, is Cee Lo a germophobe?

He then moves from the lavish tub to the casino in his overblown outfit, and is then seen wooing a young lady with his musical mastery while he plays a diamond studded piano! Excess is celebrated in the visuals of this video, which is really a sweet, soft-hearted love song sung by the big guy as he tries to woo a pretty lady.

Cee Lo truly is a 'Lady Killer' and he remains busy as ever. He is about to embark on a tour with Rihanna, as the live shows for 'The Voice' begin next week.

Watch the Cee Lo Green 'I Want You (Hold on to Love)' Video