When Cee Lo Green popped by Nick Cannon's radio show on 92.3 WXRK in New York City, he was quizzed about the usual topics, such as his various musical projects and his role as a 'The Voice' coach. But Connect Four champion Cannon challenged Cee Lo to  a fight-til-the-death match, confidently proclaiming his dominance in the tabletop game.

When Cannon pulled out the game piece, Cee Lo said, "I haven't played in years," so leave it to Mr. Mariah Carey to transport the 'Forget You' singer to his youth. Cannon reminded us how he challenged Lady Gaga to a bout of Strip Connect Four when she visited the studio, but she politely declined out of respect for his diva wife! Cannon said, "Since we're boys, we're not going to take our clothes off, so I am going to go ahead and beat you here." Seriously, Cannon has not been beaten in eons, so the odds were stacked in his favor that he would take Cee Lo out.

The duo quickly dropped their chips into the plastic grid and their friendly banter morphed into a heated, intense, laser focused game. You'd think the two were playing a game of chess that had a large bounty attached to it, thanks to their seriousness!

Cannon triumphed, declaring, "I killed the Lady Killer" when Cee Lo was backed into a Connect Four corner and couldn't get out of it. He was a good sport, even in defeat.

Earlier in the chat, Cannon and Cee Lo talked about Cee Lo's fly "fabulosity" and flashy style. Cannon recalled a hilarious story when he dressed in a fancy velvet suit trying to emulate Cee Lo, and Cee Lo turned up at the event in shorts and a tee. It figures, right? Cannon, while a Connect Four champ, acknowledged that he can't pull off the peacock look that Cee Lo favors.

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