Cee Lo Green may be a lady killer, but he also has a loving heart. On his new song, 'Only You,' the crooner is apologetic for hurting his female lover with his careless words and hopes for a reconciliation.

"I started a war / And landed on my own sword / I wish I could take back the stupid things I said / How can I be so foolish," he croons on the throwback Motown-sounding track.

The song also features R&B newcomer Lauriana Mae who also sings of heartbreak and believes her lover can stop the bleeding and heal her wounded heart. "Only you can stop the bleeding / And give me what I needing / To be sure my heart can heal," she sings on the chorus.

"It's about two people on different paths, hoping for the best, hoping that those paths lead to each other," says Green of the song. "It’s like love lost or the acknowledgment of a love lost, but it’s still optimistic."

Cee Lo Green's 'Only You' is slated for his as-of-yet untitled album, which is still a work in progess. In the meantime, you can catch Green performing at his Loberace revue in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. The Sin City show begins its run in February.