After honoring Patti LaBelle with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2011 BET Awards, the 67-year-old music icon took the stage to perform a song -- sort of. Cee Lo Green was easy to spot, even in disguise, when he grabbed the mic and performed 'Somebody Loves You Baby' dressed as LaBelle.

The audience was in stitches when they realized that 'The Voice' coach, Green, was imitating LaBelle in a big, crazy wig and sparkling jacket, which, given, was not too far off the path of his typical attire.

Like he does, Cee Lo was serious about delivering BET Awards viewers with his big voice and sassy style, but all in all, the whole thing was one big joke, given that he carried a can of hairspray and spritzed "his" hair as he sang.

Still, the R&B icon who gave us 'Lady Marmalade' and a slew of other hits, looked on from the audience as if she were completely honored to be gently mocked by the 'Forget You' hitmaker, and even had tears in her eyes. We did, too, but it wasn't because we were moved by his hilarious performance!