The reason that Cee Lo Green is sitting out Season 4 of 'The Voice' is so he can attend to his own career. He had to bump his planned Vegas residency to 2013 when the producers of the reality show moved up Season 3 to the fall of 2012.

But finally, his Loberace residency is launching at Planet Hollywood this week and like all things Cee Lo, he arrived in Sin City in outrageous fashion -- by playing on a flaming piano.

The singer arrived on Feb. 26 with much fanfare -- make that fanflare. He played his flaming instrument while parading down Las Vegas Boulevard with a big old smile on his face.

We're glad that Cee Lo didn't get singed by the flames, but then again, could we really see him doing anything other than cruising in Sin City while playing a blazing piano? This is Cee Lo we're talking about. He does everything on another level.

He also posed for pictures, wearing a lose, black onepiece with a hood, flanked by leggy showgirls.

While Cee Lo and his insightful commentary will be missed on Season 4 of the NBC hit reality show, he'll be having a grand time in Vegas.


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