Cee Lo Green's new FUSE show 'Talking to Strangers' premiered last night at 11PM EST on FUSE. Between his role as a coach on 'The Voice' and his new talk show, Cee Lo is further cementing his place in pop culture by wearing several hats and manning several posts. While he has demonstrated a deftness with guiding his team members on 'The Voice,' the question is whether Cee Lo's charm can carry over into a talk show style format. Turns out, it does.

The show isn't a typical late-night format, nor is it Oprah-like. Rather, Cee Lo plays the role of interviewer and the first, half-hour episode played out of like a cool, young, hip, modern 'Inside the Actor's Studio' for musicians, without the self-aggrandizing pretense. It's a nod to Cee Lo's charisma since he keeps the topics interesting and he is quite the personality himself. His conversations with fellow artists are laid-back yet informative.

The debut guest, both on the couch and on the stage, was rapper Lupe Fiasco, who is currently causing a raucous with his comments about Barack Obama's foreign policy. However, the conversation was not very political, as Cee Lo got Lupe talking about his Chicago upbringing and his Black Panther father. The rapper then performed quite the lively version of 'Out of My Head' that nearly had us dancing in our living room right before bed. Same went for the high-octane rendition of 'The Show Goes On.' Lupe certainly knows how to entertain, moving and grooving while he raps.

It's worth mentioning that Cee Lo also sings the theme song of 'Talking to Strangers.' Tune in next week's guest to catch his interview with Keri Hilson.

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