Cee Lo Green made it a threesome ... for his battle round, that is! He sent perky sisters Tori and Taylor Thompson into the ring against Kelsey Rey. It was a test to determine if more is less or if less is more or if more really is more. We know: That's a lot of cliches, but they all applied in this battle on 'The Voice.'

There's always safety in numbers, but Cee Lo was not interested in playing it safe with his battle round. He wanted Rey to work the room against the charisma and sisterly love of the Thompsons, and he wanted the Thompsons to gel, as opposed to drowning one another out by overdoing it.

There were lots of moving parts and opposing forces meeting in this battle, which ended up being too cute for words. The ladies performed as though they were meant to be a trio. Cee Lo could package this threesome up tomorrow and sell them to a major label in a flash.

There was some disconnect, though. The sisters sang to one another, leaving Rey a bit out in the cold for parts of the song, but when they all engaged in the "Oh oh oh" part at the end of the song, it was as adorable as a basket full of puppies and kitties.

Cee Lo said he felt like he could have been swept away by the sisters Thompson and their effervescent charm, and he was. He chose them to move forward to the live shows, despite the fact that Rey could cause just as many cavities as the siblings with her honeyed voice and seasoned performance style.

Watch Tori and Taylor Thompson and Kelsey Ray Have a Sing Off on 'The Voice'