It's near triple digits temperatures in New York City today, with a record set in 1957 about to be broken, but that didn't stop Cee Lo Green from breezing through his hits 'Forget You' and 'Bright Lights Bigger City' on the 'TODAY' show in the stiflingly hot and humid Big Apple this morning.

Cee Lo dressed appropriately, wearing a crisp, breathable white outfit, though it sort of looked like high-end PJs or a karate gi. In the pre-performance chat, Cee Lo talked about his upcoming Las Vegas run and his desire to do something exceptional. And while he admitted that he does take influence from his idols, Cee Lo wants to write his own chapter. "I am inspired by what hasn't been done," he said.

Of course, he also is influenced by the ladies! "I love women. An awful lot," he admitted. It's been noted in the press that Cee Lo is sorta crushing on royal sister-in-law Pippa Middleton, too.

Cee Lo then pimped the upcoming second season of 'The Voice,' saying that the reason he loves his gig as a coach on the show because of "the freedom, foresight and future. It is the endorsement of the underdog."

He sang his Grammy winning kiss off 'Forget You,' which had the crowd moving even though it was already pushing 90+ degrees. But we have to say ... He really came alive when performing 'Bright Lights Bigger City,' which he dedicated to New York. "If you love this town and came early to have a good time, that's exactly what we're going to do," he exclaimed.

We have to hand it to Cee Lo. It's nearly impossible to walk much less rock out when it's this muggy, but he was performing like it was a breezy, cool and comfortable afternoon. Even Al Roker was grooving in the crowd. Overall, though, Cee Lo's smooth rhythms were fit for this ungodly hot morning.

Watch Cee Lo Perform 'Forget You'

Watch Cee Lo Perform 'Bright Lights, Bigger City'