On his weekly 'Talking to Strangers' gabfest on FUSE, Cee Lo Green had pop rock hit-smiths Train sitting on the couch for a fireside chat and on the stage for a breezy performance.

Cee Lo went deep with the band about their successful history. The members revealed how they recorded their first album on a shoestring budget, caught lightning in a bottle with their first hit 'Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me),' and how they began chasing hits while balancing that pursuit with an indie attitude.

The band also talked about how they knew their niche and that they didn't have to find it at most points in their career. Cee Lo and singer Pat Monahan also talked a little more personally about 'Drops of Jupiter,' which was inspired by the death of Monahan's mother. Cee Lo said he instantly related to the song, having lost his own mom at a young age.

The band, led by the wild-haired Monahan, sang their most recent massive smash 'Hey, Soul Sister' before an intimate, live studio audience. Train later closed out the episode by performing 'Save Me San Francisco,' dosing the show with a little bit of funk-rock energy. Man, Train can write tunes that stick to your skull for days.

The funniest moment of the interview came when Cee Lo asked how Monahan stays sane as a married man watching the others of the band "pounding through" groupies. Yes, he said "pounding through."

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