Good news for Cee Lo Green fans! In case you couldn't get enough of him on 'The Voice,' the 'Anyway' singer plans to perform a resident show in Las Vegas and also has a new television project in the works. The catch with the TV show? It's going to film and air in the U.K., not the U.S.!

Green sat down with the New York Times to discuss his multimedia plans. Though he shot to solo fame with the release of 'F--- You' and it's cleaner counterpart, 'Forget You,' Green's 5.3 million downloads of the single didn't bring in as much bacon as he and his management company, Primary Wave, would necessarily like. For some perspective on how huge that song was, bear in mind that Adele's monster hit, 'Rolling in the Deep' -- the biggest selling single of 2011 -- sold 5.7 million. After retailers, record labels and publishers get their cuts, artists only make a few cents off of downloads -- something Green and his management knew well, so they expanded their platforms.

Green's show will be called 'Cee Lo Takes the U.K.' The show, to air on British Television, will capture Green's reunion with his old group, the Goodie Mob. Cameras will follow Green and his Goodie goons around London as they soak in British culture and record a new comeback album.

In the New York Times interview, Green also unveiled his plans for a residency in Vegas. Green will join the ranks of Celine Dion and Prince for the Vegas spectacle, which is sure to be as colorful as the singer's costume choices. The "theatrical show" will be called 'Loberace,' and is set to take place at Planet Hollywood.

In addition to his uncanny vocal and songwriting ability, Green is known for his sense of showmanship -- a quality that proved profitable. Though his music put him on the map, his staging kept him there, from his wacky awards show performances (Muppets, birds, pianos, oh my!), acting (he appeared on NBC's 'Parenthood' and will star in a 'Sparkle' remake) and his Fuse show 'Talking to Strangers.' Green has also appeared in ads for myriad brands, from Absolut Vodka and Duracell batteries to 7Up and M&Ms'.