It was Cee Lo Green's turn to make the tough decisions this week on 'The Voice,' as the rotund soul star was forced to send half of his team packing right at the start of tonight's show.

After America made the very wise move to save Vicci Martinez for next week's finals, Green was forced to pick just one of his three remaining acts to move on.  After some hemming and hawing (about a seven on a scale of one to Christina Aguilera's MacBeth-level dramatics last week), Green went with Nakia, in a somewhat surprising move.

The Texas-based former blues singer got a chance to validate Green's choice shortly, and put his heart and soul into a typically forceful, if once again somewhat overblown, version of Adam Lambart's 'Whataya Want From Me.' Green praised his team spirit, and gave Nakia one more assignment: "I want you to win."

Green's second semi-finalist, Martinez, was wisely chosen to close out the show with a storming, drum-heavy version of Florence and the Machine's 'Dog Days Are Over' that left all the coaches in agreement that she was the "coolest," "most powerful" performer of the night, in the words of Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, respectively.

So it seems at least one of Cee-Lo Green's proteges has the inside track on this competition, that is, if the voting public agrees. Tune in tomorrow night (June 22) to find out who moves on to the finals.

Watch Vicci Martinez Perform ‘The Dog Days Are Over’ on ‘The Voice’