Cee Lo Green may be a lady killer, but when it comes to love his heart is delicate as a flower. The pop crooner released what appears to be a demoed version of a song that is perfect for those whose heart has been broken by someone you truly cared for.

The throwback soul tune 'You Promised Me Love' is very sad despite its frantic beat productions, whining synthesizers and tickling pianos. On the track, Cee Lo wails to his ex-lover, "We told the world that we always be together, now I'm the only one standing here / I'm ashamed and angry at you / All because I believe every word that you told me but you promised me love."

If you are wallowing in self-pity over a failed relationship, then this song is for you. 'You Promised Me Love' would have been a great addition to Cee Lo Green's fantastic album 'The Lady Killer,' but we are glad that he released it online for us to check out. Take a listen and tell us what do you think of Cee Lo Green's heartbreaking song in the comments below.

Listen to Cee Lo Green, 'You Promised Me Love'