Cee Lo Green chose Rod Stewart's 'Stay With Me' for Juliet Simms, who is gritty, gravelly and essentially a female version of the British singer, and Sarah Golden, who gives unexpected songs a folky twist with her voice for the battle round on tonight's (March 12) episode of 'The Voice.' At first, it seemed like Simms had a distinct and decided edge since the song played to her strengths as a rocker, but Cee Lo said that Golden could be the dark horse because he knew she could sing this song.

In the practice run, the deck was immediately stacked against Golden, as Simms' bombast allowed her to swallow her competitor, but Simms also came on a little too strong.

During the mentoring, Babyface worked with Golden on her confidence and helping her with suggestions on how to bloom during the space of the song, while Ne-Yo pointed out that Simms' unique fills are uncommon in this day and age -- but that she has to pick her spots and use that wail at the end of a song since it has more impact then, as opposed to at the beginning.

When they finally got in the ring, Simms got her dirty rock on yet Golden's calmer, more collected tone wasn't drowned or buried.

When it came down to making his decision, Cee Lo admitted that he wanted to challenge Golden in the battle round, but he still chose Simms. Overall, it seemed like a bit of an unfair pairing, since the song wasn't right for Golden's voice.

Watch Juliet Simms and Sarah Golden Perform 'Stay With Me' on 'The Voice'