That skull-accented key tattoo you saw earlier belongs to Adam Lambert. The 'Never Close Our Eyes' singer received the ink back in May 2011, and the Tribes of Art blog revealed the meaning behind the tattoo.

The skull key is an image from a painting by Hans Haveron entitled 'Sepia's Secret,' which Lambert has since purchased. Haveron himself explained the meaning behind the image, saying, "In 'Sepia's Secret' there is the female "goddess," her cloak outstretched to protect two children, symbols of innocence and counterpoint to the ego. They hold a large key. Above the goddess is the all-seeing eye of the universe, with its keyhole shaped pupil."

The painter went on to say, "The point of the story is that the child holds the key to unlock the wisdom of the universe. Therefore all of us but especially artists of all types must always make sure the child is present. The most difficult part of being an artist is the battle against the ego to let the child prevail so the art can be made. The child is the creator. If the ego gets too big, the child dies and so will your art."