That tattoo you saw earlier is inked on Christina Aguilera's left arm!

It's a bit difficult to read since the ink is in red, but the tattoo reads "Te Amo Siempre," which is Spanish for "I Love You Always." In between the red lettering, which is a nod to Xtina's Ecuadorian roots, Aguilera has the Hebrew initials for "JB" tattooed in black.

While the "I Love You Always" part is nice, the "JB" initials might muster some bad memories for Aguilera, as they are the initials of her ex-husband Jordan Bateman. There were rumors swirling a while back that Christina was getting the tat removed, but as of late 2011, the tattoo was still very visible.

Instead of getting the whole thing removed, Xtina should see if a tattoo artist could make the "J" into an "M," as it could be translated into a nice tribute piece for her son, Max.