Oh, the infamous Britney Spears public meltdown. Aside from pulling a 'V for Vendetta' and shaving her head back in 2008, Britney Spears' paparazzi attack was probably the most talked-about breaking point for the songstress. Britney was out with a friend when they stopped to fuel up at a gas station, and of course, the paparazzi were snapping her every move. As Brit and her buddy were pulling out, she suddenly got out of the car and, wielding an umbrella, busted up a paparazzo's car while screaming "F--- you!" over and over again.

While most of the videos on this list were momentary bursts of anger, Brit's problems ran much deeper. She was struggling with many emotional issues at the time, and we're just happy that the 'X Factor' judge/future Mrs. Jason Trawick is doing better now.