Woah! Check out this colossal Beverly Hills estate. Do you think you can guess which famous recording artist, originally a Michigan native, lives in the mansion located on this property?

The often controversial woman who owns this luxurious estate lives here with her four children, all ranging between the ages of 3 and 16. It must be great to be raised by one of the most famous women on the planet -- just look at all of the awesome stuff this quartet of kids have at their disposal. They can go swimming in their amazing pool, play a game of tennis with friends, soak up the sun on (what looks to be) their own private beach area, and probably a whole lot more. Their superstar mama  really does give all her luvin' to her kids though, and it's cool to see where they get to hang out as a family.

Can you figure out which pop icon lives in this Beverly Hills mansion? Click through to find out.