When this singer found this waterfront property in Miami, we can't help but think of him yell-singing,  "Baby, I like it!" at the realtors. Well, maybe without the whole "baby" part, as that pet name is probably reserved for his smokin' hot GF with whom he resides.

Do you think you can figure out which power couple is building this Miami waterfront residence? Here's a hint to help out: The pop star who's moving into this home, which is still undergoing some renovations, hails from a Spanish-speaking country, so we bet he feels right at home in the famously Latino city. The same can be said for his pro athlete girlfriend, who despite being Russian, probably loves hitting the Miami beach from the looks of her tan. She probably knows her share of Spanish too, as she's been with the crooner in question for more than a decade now.

Think you've figured it out? Click on through to see if you're right!