A superstar family resides in California home, a long way from the Philly streets where the famous patriarch originally hails. Lately, however, it's his kids that are in the spotlight! Can you guess which siblings, a budding pop songstress and an up-and-coming rapper, live in this mansion with their kin?

She is hardly a teenager yet, but the young lady who lives in this gigantic home, complete with tennis courts and a massive swimming pool, already has several hit songs to her name. Her most famous is a solo ode to dancing with her ever-changing locks, but she's also teamed up with huge names, like Nicki Minaj, for collabos.

Her brother, a good friend of 'Believe' heartthrob Justin Bieber, is an actor, rapper and a dancer. He's already showed off his (martial art) moves in a major motion picture alongside Jackie Chan, and he's well on his way to securing his status as a multi-talented artist, just like his Pa.

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