While we love a good unique celebrity baby name, we have to admit that we're even more intrigued by surprising names of the celebs themselves. Especially those middle names — they're like little hidden gems, tiny pops of crazy in an otherwise traditional moniker.

Seriously: We bet that you would never guess what Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Hilary Duff and many more celebs have as their middle names — no traditional "Maries," "Annes" or "Nicoles" here! Whether they're family names, colors or even monikers that sound completely made up (in an awesomely unusual way, of course), stars all across Hollywood and the music industry are rockin' some pretty epic and unique middle names.

Don't believe us? Go ahead and peep the gallery above for surprising middle names from A-listers such as J. Law, Adele, Hilary, Ciara, Elton John and many more.