In the words of awkward, overly excited Meme girl, ER-MAH-GERD! This cuddly and adorable pooch is a famous singer-songwriter's BFF, and the artist in question cannot help but sharing her pup's cuteness with the world via social networking.

Do you think you can guess whose name and address is stamped on this adorable little dog's collar? Maybe it will help to know that her owner is a seasoned pianist who writes all of her own tunes, including hits for two of the 'Twilight' soundtracks. She is also covered in tattoos, and is often seen rocking ombre hair and lots of black. Her rocker image is overshadowed by her super sweet demeanor though, which she also displays in her love for the little peanut pictured above.

If you haven't figured out the answer yet, click on the button below to see pics of this super cute dog with her famous owner.