That dog you saw before is Jordin Sparks' number one cuddle buddy, Minnie!

Minnie is just one of Sparks' pet dogs, as she also has two other schnauzer-bichon-poodle mixes, Maggie and Miles, and a Labrador Retriever named Noni.

Jordin's a very active Twitter user, and she's always sharing the cutest pictures of Minnie and her other pets, who really mean the world to the 22-year-old. The 'No Air' songstress even spoke to PEOPLE about her pets, saying, "If something's wrong [with me], they kind of shift their mood, too. They can sense it. It's really nice to have that. It's a piece of home that I can take with me."

She also said that her smaller pooches might be tiny, but they don't see things that way. "Maggie, Miles, and Minnie – they think they're Labs, too," she told People. "They play fetch and they jump in the pool. They actually dive – and they're supposed to be indoor dogs!"