That dog you saw before belongs to Big Time Rush member James Maslow! His name is Fox, and although we can't confirm this entirely, we believe he's an Alaskan Klee Klai -- aka, the same type of dog as Miley Cyrus' furry friend Floyd! Singing TV stars must really love this breed, but seriously, how could anyone not? 

Anyway, Maslow is an excellent dad to Fox and his other dog Falco, Fox's older brother who looks to be a Yellow Lab. Maslow brings little Fox everywhere with him, and we can totally understand why -- after a long day of working hard, that cute little face is probably the perfect cure for James' stress. Maslow also likes to share his puppy love (yeah, pun intended!), so he uploads a picture of Fox to his Who Say and Twitter accounts every Friday! Check out more photos of Fox here.