That guy you just saw is Adam Levine's little (at least age-wise!) brother, Michael! Doesn't he kind of look like actor Bradley Cooper, who is also dreamboat?

These brothers have had a really close bond all their lives and are pretty much BFFs. They are always hanging out and supporting each other in their career and personal choices, like how Michael is always tweeting pictures from the set of 'The Voice,' while the Maroon 5 frontman brings Michael along to every event possible. Equal rights activist Adam also posed on the cover of OUT magazine, a publication targeted towards the LGBT community, back in 2011 and spoke about his close relationship with his openly gay brother.

We are totally in love with these two. It seems like Michael and Adam really get each other's senses of humor too, as you can see from all of the embarrassing childhood photos they share on social network sites. Check some out below!

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