If you know anything about Harry Styles, it's probably his propensity to tattoo the most inane things on his body with wild abandon. He has an assortment of ink permanently etched onto his limbs -- from a giant rose to incorrect Temper Trap lyrics to his mother's initials. If we're being real, the list of Harry's tattoos is probably longer than the length of the average Stephen King novel.

But one of his most famous tattoos is the enormous, intricately penned moth that sits squarely in the middle of his abdomen. No matter how unclothed Harry may be, your eyes are constantly drawn to his center of gravity. Bravo, Harry, we'll always be staring at your abs.

For this reason, it seemed appropriate that Harry would transition into some extension of a moth or butterfly if given the chance to be Animorphed. He is equal parts flighty, free-spirited and beautiful -- just like a butterfly. So beautiful, so fitting.

Photoshop work by Kristy Puchko.

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