The former bad girl from outside of Philly was never the most popular girl in school, but we bet some of her classmates wish they had gotten to know her better, since she's super famous now. Can you guess who she is?

Known for her down-to-earth demeanor and sometimes sharp tongue, this spitfire songstress has never been afraid of getting a little controversial. The new mother calls it like she sees it, and it's gotten her into some feuds in the past, particularly with fellow powerhouse vocalist Christina Aguilera. But when she isn't blasting "stupid girls" and exposing diva-like behavior, this high-flying entertainer uses her fame for good. She's spoken out against bullying and has been a great role model and source of strength for fans all over the world.

Have you figured out which independent thinker/chart-topping singer this is? Click through below to find out!