Ah, food! We love it as much as we love our dogs and our significant others. Next to snaps of pups and BFs and GFs, pics of food populate celebrity Instagram feeds with great frequency. Here's a photographic rundown of who noshed on what this week!

See who went healthy with some almonds and who indulged their sweet tooths with cupcakes and cakes. We're talking about you, Anna Kendrick and Katy Perry.

Waffle House – to go!— for Ciara, who is eating for two as she is expecting her first baby boo. We're poets, we know.

Mmm, breakfast with Foodacris, aka Ludacris.

Anna Kendrick loves cupcakes and was gifted with a half-dozen by NYC's famed Magnolia Bakery. We wish she saved one for us!

Eating almonds on the floor with Ellie Goulding.

Snoop had chips -- both Ahoy and Tostitos.

Christina Milian is addicted to yummy Shave Ice. She had some last week, too.

Sprout it out loud, Nikki Reed. That looks so delish you'll never want to eat a potato chip or anything processed ever again.

Katy Perry celebrated her pal Mia Moretti's birthday with this lovely, white-frosted cake.

Nikki Reed also posted the recipe for this yummy dish with the photo. She is such a health foodie.

Cinderella, aka Carly Rae Jepsen, enjoyed some post-performance ice cream, even though it's freezing in NYC right now.

Sweet tea for Jessica Alba. Check out the heart-shaped sugar! Precious. Did someone show this to heart-shaped things collector Drew Barrymore?

Ashley Benson enjoyed a wake up cup.

Victoria Justice celebrated her mom's birthday with some cupcakes.

There were macaroons in Drake's dressing room.

Lea Michele was with a friend, who had a cocktail.

Janelle Monae noshed on a healthy salad. That looks goooooood!

At first, Shay Mitchell had some juice.

Then, she nom-nom-nommed a hearty meal that has our mouths watering.

Jessie J was having a meal with friends -- see the video.