Calling all foodies! Wanna see what your fave celebs ate and drank this week? We've got the rundown of what filled their plates and their bellies on Easter and beyond.

Jessica Alba treated her daughters to some street vendor eats near her Honest Company office, while Mariah Carey sipped some bubbly (we think, since she's a diva at all times!) on Easter Sunday.

See what expectant mommy noshed on butter pecan ice cream, satisfying her cravings to eat for two, who devoured a lush and fresh green salad and who had Easter donuts! Mmm, delish!

Check out Mindy Kaling's sandwich!

Jessica Alba's plates look almost too good mess up by, you know, eating what's assembled on them. She's also a notorious food pic poster.

That munchaholic known as Snoop Dogg's breakfast consisted of fruit.

Street food caught Mindy Kaling's eye.

Jessie J's healthy, fish-centric meal. It's mackerel and the British singer fueled up.

Miss Jessie J also posted a snap of her delicious, leafy green salad, consumed during a break in the studio. Her food pic posts are the best. We know, we see them every day! She is a healthy eater. This pic is so rich and green that it makes us want to head to the nearest SaladWorks.

J. Alba and her daughters enjoyed lunch truck eats by mom's Honest Company offices. Honor and Haven are ADORBS!

That was some beefy burger for Kevin McHale to consume on Easter Sunday. That thing is bigger than our heads.

Mimi sipped (what looks like) some champagne on Easter Sunday. A diva's got to have her fave beverage. We don't really envision her sipping apple juice.

Buffet-style is also good, as Kevin McHale demonstrated.

Gavin DeGraw noshed on Easter donuts. Sunday is a good cheat day, even on Easter, where you should be allowed to eat all the junk you want.

Mega pregnant Ciara indulged her cravings and had some butter pecan ice cream. The singer is eating for two, so let her have at it!

Emmy Rossum is allergic to gluten, but that didn't stop her from bagel sniffing and indulging without eating. She had to indulge her senses somehow, right?

Another Jessie J food snap. She enjoyed some healthy AM eats. Coconut water is faboosh!

Lance Bass raised a glass of mead at Medieval Times. It's like 'Cable Guy' all over again. Who doesn't love food-as-entertainment?

That's an apple that Hilary Duff was in the middle of, while watching 'Blacklist.'