It was a food-driven week on Instagram. Along with the usual pics of the tasty eats and treats they were about to enjoy, some of your fave celebs posted photos of themselves with cooking world stars like the Barefoot Contessa and Wolfgang Puck.

Then there was Kendall Jenner, who whipped up a delish treat that made us drool and marvel at her culinary skills, and then there was multi-talented Austin Mahone, who was making some pizza.

See who had chocolates, almond milk and a breakfast that was totally healthy yet utterly unappetizing in its look.

Kendall Jenner made cinnamon waffles. She has many talents. Sweet!

OK, so it's not a pic of what she ate, but T. Swizzle hung out with a food icon -- Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa.

And Ashley Benson did the same, cooking with Wolfgang Puck.

Mikey from To Be One feasted on a Cali classic: In-N-Out Burger.

Check out Austin Mahone working fast food and making Pizza Hut pizza. Pizza enthusiasts will argue that's not "authentic" pizza, but…

Emmy Rossum leaves room for dessert.

So did Chord Overstreet. Holy Banana Split.

'Glee' star Kevin McHale noshed on Shake Shack goodies in NYC.

Frosted Drakes! Where's the milk?

A spread for E. Rossum.

Julianne Hough rocked a healthy omelet.

Ugh. Ellie Goulding's breakfast didn't look appetizing and she knew it! She posted: "Deffo looks like a bowl of poop but this is a peanut butter acai bowl with hemp granola and almond milk. Morniiiiin'!"

She also had some vegan cookies, which looked much more appetizing.

No shortage of chips for A Great Big World.

Anna Kendrick eats so much Mac 'n' Cheese that Kraft sent her a macaroni necklace made of solid gold.

Nikki Reed, who is very health conscious, rocked the almond milk.

Jenna Ushkowitz had something bubbly-looking in a flute.

The always health conscious Jason Mraz rocked sprouts. He posted: "Healthy, delicious Sprouts. From seed to snack in 5-7 days, in any season. So easy you can take them with you on tour." Ditch the junk food and try it!

Rob Kardashian -- Kris Jenner's only son -- had a birthday and a delish cake, the pic of which his big sister posted.

Dessert tray from "A" for 'Pretty Little Liars,' as posted by foodie pic poster Shay Mitchell.

Mindy Kaling got free chocolate from Toblerone. For being funny. Nice!

Jason Derulo shared his tour menu. Not too shabby. That sounds like gourmet eats.

Packs of M&Ms for Jason of To Be One.

Cinderella (aka Carly Rae Jepsen) warmed up with some tea.

Ashley Benson noshed on breakfast in bed.

What's better than one macaroon, Ryan Seacrest? Oh, just FOUR macaroons.